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Renting an apartment or a student room in Ljubljana is now easier than ever before. Erasmus Home helps all students to find affordable housing.

The life of an Erasmus student can be an unforgettable experience in a city like Ljubljana. Although in the past, this capital city was not among the most visited ones in Europe, it increased its popularity in recent years to become one of the most popular destinations for both tourists as well as students. In addition to all the charms of the city of dragons, renting a student apartment or finding an affordable student housing is still very affordable compared to other European cities. That is, if you know where to look for.

In addition to Erasmus study exchange courses, students will also enjoy plenty of unforgettable parties and activities organized by various student organizations based in Slovenia. Because Ljubljana is also positioned in the central part of Europe, many students can often take day or weekend trips to neighboring countries such as Austria, Italy, Hungary and Croatia, leaving their student rooms for a while to experience different cultures.

Why choosing Ljubljana is a great choice for Erasmus students

Ljubljana is considered to be one of the greenest and cleanest cities in Europe, and due to diversity of its landscapes and historic background, it’s an ideal destination for hikers and history lovers, and for everyone that enjoys the outdoor activities and affordable student apartment prices of course.

However, if you already visited Ljubljana, you already know that city life in Ljubljana is always full of events and your student life will never get boring. In addition to diverse culture, there is also something for foodies. Some of the most traditional dishes from Slovenian cuisine are Karst prosciutto, carniolan sausage, soups such as stew or Bograč and desserts such as Potica or Prekmurska gibanica. In the city you may also stumble upon many restaurants and other food courts and farmer markets, that you might find interesting. You may also find yourself making a toast in one of your friend’s student dormitory parties, before heading out for a long night.

Finding affordable student residence or renting a cheap student apartment, can be quite a complicated process if you’re not physically present in the city. Plus a lot of tenants have also number of requirements that are often very difficult for students to meet, such as high costs and upfront payments, not allowing visitors or other restrictions on socializing inside the Erasmus accommodation.

Erasmus Home will take care of everything. We will find you student housing and help you with every process along the way. All that to make the preparations for arrival and your stay in Ljubljana as smooth and reliable as possible. Leave student housing rentals to professionals and enjoy your student life instead.

Universities included in the Erasmus exchange program

The two largest universities in Slovenia, that are participate and are included in the Erasmus exchange program are the University of Ljubljana and the University of Maribor.
The University of Ljubljana is an institution with the longest tradition in Slovenia. With nearly 50,000 undergraduate and graduate students participating in more than 300 programs, it also ranks among the largest universities in Europe as well. The university comprises of a total of 23 faculties and 3 art academies, and employs about 6,000 full-time university professors, researchers and administrators. It was founded in 1919 with its headquarters in the very center and capital of Slovenia. Students in Ljubljana nowadays represent about 20% of the total population of Ljubljana, which gives the city a youthful and lively character, but it also makes that much harder to find affordable student rooms.

The University of Maribor has also a long tradition and includes many as 17 different faculties, which are scattered throughout Slovenia. Although most of them are located in the city of Maribor, the University of Maribor has also expanded to Celje, Kranj, Brežice, Krško and Ljubljana with its program.

We can’t stress enough, how necessary it is to look for an Erasmus accommodation well in advance, especially in Ljubljana. It’s not that renting student dormitory beds is hard but finding the right location and the student residence that would suit you, amongst all of the student inquiries is almost impossible. Don’t wait until the last minute, contact us today and we can provide you with a student apartment at affordable rates.

Everything you need to know about student life in Slovenia

The average cost of living in Ljubljana is approximately between 500 and 600 EUR per month. This amount is only an approximation of the average cost, which can vary considerably depending on the rent of your student housing and your free time activities.

If you do not have an excessively high budget, avoiding high rents of your student apartment should be the first thing on the list. In the last few years, Ljubljana has become one of the most popular destinations for students on Erasmus exchange programs, so remember that many students are in a similar situation. We also advise you to join one of the student organizations, as they can offer you cheaper meals and discounts on various services and events. Ljubljana is not considered one of the most expensive cities in Europe, but prices can be higher than in most of the eastern Europe.

Erasmus Home is a great partner for finding affordable student housing. We help you with all of the arrangements and protect students from various false advertisements for renting student rooms, which unfortunately they don’t exist in the end. 100 of students are trusting us with their Erasmus accommodations every year, what’s your excuse?


How much does it cost to live in Ljubljana as a student?

A student in Ljubljana spends on average around 500-600 Euros per month. Keep in mind that many factors such as your student apartment of or the location of the student rooms can make the costs vary significantly.

How much does student housing cost in Ljubljana?

One of the most popular options used by Erasmus exchange students is sharing student rooms. An individual room can cost around € 200-250 per month on average. You should compare different options and decide on the one that suits your preferences, like location and the distance to the university.

How much is the Erasmus scholarship to study in Ljubljana?

To get an exact answer, we recommend you contact the international relations office of your home university. The scholarships amounts and the actual amount varies from country to country.

How much money do you need to live in Ljubljana?

Ljubljana is one of the cheapest European cities to study, especially if you have a scholarship included in your Erasmus exchange studies. You can easily live with around 600 euros, although this amount might depend on the rent of your student dormitory and your pace of life.

How to find cheap student housing in Ljubljana?

Forget about looking at 100 different student apartment ads, use Erasmus Home and find a cheap Erasmus accommodation in the heart of Slovenia.

How much does it cost to rent a student residence in Ljubljana?

This will mostly depend on the location of the student housing, but the prices vary anywhere from 300 to 600 euros as you get closer to the city Centre.