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Ljubljana is located in the heart of Slovenia and more than 60,000 students live in the city throughout the school year, counting for more than a million overnight stays in the capital in all semesters. The figures paint a clear picture why Ljubljana is considered as one of the most dynamic cities in Europe, but despite tourism, still retaining its authenticity.

Ljubljana is very popular among students precisely because of its size. The main attractions are mostly located in the immediate vicinity of the city center, so you can explore it on foot or by bike. Ljubljana has one of the best-preserved baroque districts in central Europe. The biggest culprit for its modern appeal is Jože Plečnik, a Slovenian architect who designed many iconic buildings that adorn the capital’s architecture. On top Ljubljana is the most famous landmark, the city castle, located on a hill just above the old city square.

More than 10,000 cultural events are taking place in the capital each year. In the summer months, you can visit one of the free events in the city center or reserve your seat at the annual Ljubljana festival. Ljubljana is also a regional center of alternative culture. If you are a fan of alternative art and music, you will enjoy the streets of Metelkova and the urban cultural district of Šiška.

Ljubljana is also a very environmentally friendly city. Its city center is completely traffic free and at every step you’ll be able to spot a convenient bicycle rental station. The city itself is surrounded by lots of green landscapes, and we should also mention that in 2016, Ljubljana was crowned as the greenest European capital.

Ljubljana’s city districts and where to rent your student accommodation?

The city of Ljubljana is divided into 17 districts and every single one of them is offering you all the necessary infrastructure for a comfortable stay such as banks, shops, health centers, police stations, bus stops, etc.

The city of Ljubljana is divided into the following districts:

  • Ljubljana – Center
  • Ljubljana – Bežigrad
  • Ljubljana – Črnuče
  • Ljubljana – Dravlje
  • Ljubljana – Golovec
  • Ljubljana – Jarše
  • Ljubljana – Moste
  • Ljubljana – Polje
  • Ljubljana – Posavje
  • Ljubljana – Rožnik
  • Ljubljana – Rudnik
  • Ljubljana – Sostro
  • Ljubljana – Šiška
  • Ljubljana – Šentvid
  • Ljubljana – Šmarna Gora
  • Ljubljana – Trnovo
  • Ljubljana – Vič

You will also stumble upon many hotels and hostels in the city center. In the last decade, bed and breakfasts short stay lodging and authentic youth hostels have really been flourishing. Hostel Celica (located near Metelkova street) was declared as the most beautiful hostel in the world by Lonely Planet, a few years ago. However, if you are looking for accommodation for at least a few months, tourist accommodation can cost you much more than if you look for student rooms at the Erasmus Home platform.

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