Welcome to Roseman 5

Two bedroom apartment in the city centre of Ljubljana

1400€ / month


Bedroom 1

The smaller of the two bedrooms. Still pretty large by most standards.

The wardrobe in the corner is pretty huge. Unless you plan to stay for a month, you’ll have storage enough.

And as usual, there’s a few books lurking somewhere.



There’s also an oven, so you can just go to the farmer’s market, get some fresh food and prepare a great meal.

The kitchen, again. I was informed that the famed print is by a famous fashion designer, but I forgot who on account of not really caring that much.

The fridge with some of the postcards our amazing guests brought us, and the dishwasher.And the table, obviously.



Right, the bathroom.  Big enough to also fit in the washer and the dryer, which you’re welcome to use.

The bathroom is very yellow, but it’s a nice, calming yellow. Oh, and you’re welcome to use the washer and the drier. Mmmm, fresh clothes.

The bathroom is definitely big enough to swing a cat in, though we’re very much against swinging actual cats and only use it as a not very useful unit of measure.


Bedroom 2

The bigger of the two bedrooms. Most people don’t really use the telly much, but it comes in handy sometimes.

The sofa folds out into another bed, and it’s enormously comfy.

Nobody ever ran out of storage for clothes, not even groups of three teenage girls.



It’s a nice neighbourhood, full of lovely historic buildings. While some of them still need renovation, things have been progressing rapidly in the past few years.

This is what it looks like from the balcony. It’s a nice view, and there’s worse places to enjoy your morning caffeine dose.

Yeah, you can actually see the Alps from the balcony. We think that’s pretty awesome.

Main Features

Two gorgeous bedrooms for up to 5 people
Fully equipped kitchen
Bright living spaces
A spacious bathroom with a washer and a dryer
Pet friendly apartment

Apartment facilities

Free wifi
Equipped kitchen
Washing machine
Water heater
Hair dryer
Bed linen

House rules

SIlent time 21.00 – 6:00

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