Lease your real estate to students and earn more!

Erasmus Home is now offering you a great opportunity to earn more with your real estate!

Lease your real estate to students and earn more!


Are you an owner of an empty apartment or a house and would like to earn much more, than you normally would renting your real estate on Air Bnb to tourists? Erasmus Home is now offering you a great opportunity to increase your yearly profits with leasing your real estate asset. If you’re interested how, continue reading…

In recent years, most property owners in Slovenia made their money with day to day and other short-term leases, especially to tourists. However, after calculating all the costs of maintenance, cleaning, daily communications, and the time spent solving problems and receiving guests, the total calculation between the cost of maintenance and the actual profit might be lower than you think.

Students of Erasmus programs of universities around the world are ideal tenants, as their stay usually lasts one semester, and the dates of the semesters themselves are never overlapping with the peaks of the tourist season (July, August and the first half of September). This means that even if you rent out your real estate to Erasmus students, you can still capitalize on your property in season peaks.

Erasmus Home is now offering you a great strategy of how to make the most of your real estate investment. This is way your properties will be leased full time and your yearly profit will increase significantly.

Erasmus Home is specializing in leasing real estate properties to students undergoing the Erasmus exchange studies from all around the world. We allow renting and leasing properties for short and long-term periods directly through our platform and therefor guaranteeing property owners their income without any risks or prior fees. As homeowners, you only pay your leasing fees after your property has been leased and payments from your tenants has been received. All financial transactions between tenants, our company and all property owners are transparent. We always make sure that all parties are fully aware of the final prices and costs, without any other extra fees or costs to either side.



Step 1 – Fill out the form

Fill out the property owner online form and include as much information as possible about your property, who would your ideal tenants be, your rules and wishes and don’t forget to send us the photos of the accommodation.


Step 2 –Inspection of the property

When we receive the completed form, we will contact you to arrange a personal inspection of the property. You don’t have to worry about anything, it’s just a formality since we always want to know what we’re offering our tenants. This is also how we develop personal relationships with the owners and take notes of your requirements and rules. After that we will sign a mutual cooperation agreement.


Step 3 –Your property gets listed on our platform

Once we have obtained all the necessary information and photo material, we upload your properties information to our web platform and publish the vacancy add on all our social media channels groups, which get regular visits by Erasmus students from all over the world. We publish your property along with the final price, that will include the full monthly expenses for the duration of the lease.


Step 4 –Let the property inquiries begin

When we receive an inquiry about your property, we always inform the owner about it. Before we sign a rental agreement with the students, we also inform them of your requirements relating to the house rules of your property, which they agree to when they sign the contract. We also let owners know who is interested in renting their property and if both parties agree to the terms, then we proceed to the final phase of our process.


Step 5 – Signing of the contract and the final lease

A contract is signed with the future tenant before his arrival in Slovenia and all financial obligations to the property owners are settled upon signing (deposit, security deposit, advance payments of the rent share).


  • We can offer your property to an existing database of students from all over the world (more than 100 universities worldwide).
  •  The capacity of your property will be fully leased, regardless of the season.
  •  Student semesters don’t overlap with the peak of the tourist season, so you can still earn money by renting out your property during summer vacations.
  •  You pay the costs of our services when you receive the upfront payment from your tenants.
  •  The prices we publish are the final prices, which can prevent possible dissatisfaction of your tenants.
  •  The possibility of leasing individual beds and rooms is also at your convenience, when we submit your property to our website. This will surely increase your revenue income.
  •  You save time and the trouble of new waiting for new arrivals and departures of your tenants.
  •  We offer our customers 24/7 support in case you might have any questions

With the help of Erasmus Home, you will significantly increase your annual property earnings. We will also take care of regular payments and any other issue that might arise.

Make sure you get the most out of your real estate properties, contact us today!